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Waterproof Bib Attaches

Waterproof Bib Attaches

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1、Protect Your Baby Clothes: Protect your baby clothes from those nasty flying spoons, plates and bowls of food and juice stains.

2、Easy to Use: The body shape is easy to take care of, the integrated design of the gown table cover effectively prevents food from falling into the gap between the baby and the dining table, and a baby-style self-service learning system. Fast and easy to use.

3、Grab the Food: The bib is attached to any smooth surface to grab the food for the baby to feed.

4、Suitable for: Babies from 6 months to 3 years old. The adjustable neck buckle keeps the small neckline clean and dry, and is machine washable.

5、Save Time: Eliminate the pressure of meal time and save up to 30 minutes of feeding time every day.

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